Frecuently asked questions

We focus most on questions relevant to the Hotels Programme. If you have any more questions about our programs, we will be happy to answer them on our Facebook page or Twitter profile, and through our email address.
Do you guarantee to find me a job in United Kingdom?
Yes, we do. The client leaves Spain with a signed contract, in which is stated the workplace, position, and terms and conditions of the job and the accommodation.
Will I be considered to be a bona fide worker by law in the United Kingdom?
Absolutely. You have the same rights and commitments as an English worker. Your main obligation is to pay taxes; regarding your rights, you have to be paid a minimum wage and you are entitled to medical coverage.
What is the length of contract and amount of salary?
The contract period is from 8 to 12 months and may be 3 months in summer. The salary is set at £ 6.31 per working hour for people aged 21 and over, and £ 5.03 for people under 21.
Where are the hotels located?
Although hotels are located throughout Great Britain, most of them are located in small towns in the south of England and in Wales.
What kind of work do you offer?
In the Au Pair Programme, babysitting. In the Hotels Programme, working as receptionist, chef, kitchen porter, waiter, room service etc.
When I am already in UK, is there any support in case of any problem?
We are in constant contact with our clients should there be a problem, we also have a representative in the country who may be able to get a faster response.
If I am receiving unemployment benefit in Spain, what happens if I go abroad?
If you are going for less than a year, your remaining benefit will stop, recovering it when you are back. If you are away for more than a year, you lose the benefit.

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