What we offer?

At Bringing People, we know how difficult and uncertain it can be to set up in another country. Nowadays, knowing at least one foreign language is essential, and the best way to learn or improve is living in a native speaking country.

Working, getting to know another culture, learning English and travelling around are just some of the experiences you can enjoy in UK.


We can make it happen for you through our employment programmes. There are several different programmes:

Hotels Programme

We find you a job in a hotel and reasonably priced accommodation, plus an online English course.

Hotels Programme Eastbourne

This programme offers the same services as our Hotels Programme, plus a 2-week-English course in our language school in Eastbourne, after which you start working in the hotel .

Au Pair Programme

We find you a suitable family who require childcare services.

Mini stays Programme

To spend a week at one of our locations in the UK and Ireland (our most popular destinations: London, Eastbourne and Broadstairs) studying in the morning and doing some activities and excursions in the afternoons.

Summer Camp Programme

The best summer camps at the best prices. Enjoy two weeks of English plus activities.

Business Practices Programme

Why not to try a business practices in London or Eastbourne to improve your English while your CV?
This programme includes searching for a job in a hotel, accommodation and an online English course.

  • -The job: We will find a suitable position for you in the hotel sector based upon your experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, and on your level of language ability.
  • -The accommodation: You will stay in employee accommodation, where you can enjoy your own space. This is the cheapest and easiest way to star your new life in UK.
  • -Online English course: Once you are settled in, we will provide an online English course from the prestigious “London School of English” (http://www.londonschool.com/)

We also offer travel advice as well as helping with all necessary paper work. We provide you with essential hospitality vocabulary and useful hint and tips for both working out day to day life.

This programme includes the same services as Hotels Programme, but also includes a 2-week- course in our academy in Eastbourne (the length of the course is 2 weeks, 3 hours a day), after which you start to work. During the course you will live with a host family.

This is our best programme, as it combine tuition (both online and in classroom) with work. It is suitable for people who need an extra help with the language, besides helping with the adaption to the country before start to work.

This is the best way to learn English. This programme involves staying with a family in order to look after the children. You will have your own accommodation with meals included, and you will receive a weekly pocket money. In addition, the work allows you to combine work and assist English courses at schools.

We will find you a suitable family and will be in frequent contact with you.

Most of the families live in the UK or Ireland, although occasionally we are able to offer work in other EU countries or even the United States.

An intensive programme that combines study with fun for a total immersion in the English language and culture. Ideal for groups (eg for end of studies trip), but also for someone who wants a little push with the speaking and want to do some sightseeing.

We set all (course, insurance, travel, flight tickets) so you only have to enjoy it.

Summer camps in several parts of London and coastal towns or the gorgeous English countryside. English, activities, excursions … We organize the best camps in the best schools with the best facilities.

Unpaid internship in any sector in London and Eastbourne. Gain some international experience working in an international environment.

In all programmes we commit to:

  • Advise and guidance in finding you the perfect job
  • Finding you a reasonable accommodation
  • Providing you with a suitable English course or help you to sourcing one
  • Helping you with formalities such as the translation of your CV, how to open a bank account, buying a mobile phone and how to register at a medical centre
  • Staying in contact, offering ongoing support

Our goal is to help you and to make it easier for you to adapt to your new life in the UK. Our idea is “Taking you away”, both physically and in your career.